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Mission and Policy Statement
The Foundation is not affiliated to any political party or movement or to any religious organization or interest group. It is a think-tank devoted to the analysis of important policy problems and dedicated to the principles of public welfare, responsible, free enterprise, social democracy, a federal and republican Nigeria, an economically self-reliant Africa- and a stable and equitable global system.

Its objectives are as follows:

  • to undertake and sponsor research on a broad range of public policy issues aimed at ameliorating poverty and unemployment and at promoting social justice, individual and press freedom, the rule of law and independence of the judiciary;
  • to provide a forum for frequent and fruitful interaction between policy makers, reputable academics and the general public, so that each party will be enriched and public policy upgraded;
  • to make available to the general public and relevant authorities the findings and conclusions of its research;
  • to advance public awareness and discussion of the great issues of the day and thereby enhance the participatory capacities of civil organizations in the formulation of public policy;
  • to promote learning and research in diverse academic disciplines through the award of scholarships and grants, and the endowment of professorial chairs; .
  • to seek to advance the cause of North-South cooperation and the evolution of a more equitable global system; and to critique, elucidate and disseminate the teachings and ideals of Chief Obafemi Awolowo.
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