Membership of OAF and Principal Organs

There are three categories of membership:
* Two founding Members, one of whom is the Chairman of the Foundation
* Fourteen Ordinary Members;
* Honorary Members
* Associates of the Foundation
* Fellows of the Foundation

The Foundation has three principal organs, namely, The General Assembly, The Governing Council and The Board of Trustees. Membership of these bodies reflects the rich diversity of Nigeria and is composed of accomplished individuals drawn from diverse professions and different parts of the country.

This is the highest policy making organ of the Foundation. The General Assembly establishes overall policy guidelines for the Foundation. The members are:
* Chief (Mrs.) H.I.D. Awolowo
Founding Member & Chairman of the Foundation.
* Dr. Olatokunbo Awolowo Dosumu
Founding Member
* Mr. Olujuwon Adesina
* Dr. Segun Aranmolate
* Dr. T.K. Ibirogba
* Mr. Kenneth Idiodi
* Mr. A. Gaius Yaro
* Mr. R. A. B. Soluade
* Chief Tunde Fetuga
* Mrs. M. O. Amu
* Mrs. Olu Odukoya
* Mr. Buhari Bello
* Chief L. Okwarra


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