Professor Banji Akintoye is an eminent Nigerian and African scholar, academic and author, a leading African historian with famous works in the history of the Yoruba people of south-western Nigeria in West Africa. After a B.A Honours degree at London University and a Ph.D. in African History at the University of Ibadan, he started his university teaching career in African History at ?baf?mi Awol?w? University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, where he became a senior professor and Director of the Institute of African Studies. In the United States of America, he has taught African History in various universities. After his retirement, he resided in the United States for many years, before he recently returned home to Nigeria. Some of his main published works include:   A History of the Yoruba People (2010),  Revolution and Power Politics in Yorubaland 1840-93, ( 1971);  Emergent States of Africa: Topics in 20th Century African History , (1976),  Ten Years of the University of Ife, 1962-72 (1973), An Outline of Yoruba History (2016), and Coming Revolutions in Black Africa (2017). He has contributed chapters to several books, as well as several articles to leading scholarly journals. For years, he has written weekly columns for two of Nigeria's national newspapers.


Prof. Akintoye is unique for his combination of first-rate scholarship and high-level involvement in the politics of his country, Nigeria, and his Africa homeland. His involvement in Africa's politics commenced as early as his university undergraduate days in the 1950s, years of Africa's preparation for independence. He led student organizations in the field of Nigerian, African and international affairs, and represented the students of his country, Nigeria, in many international student conferences in Africa and in many countries of the world. In Nigerian politics, he was a founding member of the Students Association of one of the foremost Nigerian political parties of the time, the Action Group of Nigeria, and he later became Vice-President of the Action Group Youth Association. In the late 1970s he was one of the leaders of the group that founded the Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), led by the great Nigerian statesman and sage, Chief ?baf?mi Awol?w?. He served as a prominent member of the innermost group of intellectuals who produced the programmes and agenda of the UPN, chaired some of its committees and task forces, and travelled widely in the world in the quest for the best approaches to Nigeria's developmental needs. He wrote the Manifesto of the UPN, served as Assistant National Secretary of the party, and was elected Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1979-83. Today, he is one of the very few surviving men and women who worked closely with Chief Awol?w?. He still has a busy writing schedule, and he is a frequent speaker at home and abroad as lecturer at the invitation of various groups and bodies.

Professor (Senator) Akintoye is now in his eighties, but he still plays active roles as an elder statesman and intellectual leader in the promotion of rational federalism and stability for the countries of his Sub-Saharan Africa.


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