For Ojulowo Eniyan Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow


Can someone wake him up?

Can yesterday return

And twist today and reenact the good old days of prosperity?

Who can wake him up, wake he that knew the way up?

Who can wake the seer up,

The seer whom the stubborn agents never wanted but could not avoid?

Who can tell him to return to the land that was once full of energy?

Who can wake him up

He whose whistle covered the land of Oduduwa

And echoed beyond?

Who can wake him up,

The one who lived but still remains as other people's blood today?

Who can wake him up, 

The one whose fight for the masses never ends?

Who can wake him up,

The one that put a smile on the faces of his admirers

And made his enemies to wonder and wander about?

Who can wake him up,

The one that appeared and illuminated the land of his people and the territory of all that cared?

Who can wake him up,

The one whose ideas never die?


Bayo Omolola

Revised on March 11, 2017


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